4 wins with Google Calendar
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4 wins with Google Calendar

Highlighting the benefits of using Google Calendar with your booking app for Shopify

Syncing your bookings with Google Calendar is a game changer for anyone with a busy schedule. Not only does syncing your bookings with Google Calendar allow you to see all of your appointments in one central location, but it also lets you set reminders and share your calendar with others. Plus, you can access your schedule from anywhere with an internet connection.

Jane, a Shopify entrepreneur selling escape room bookings, shared this with us

I used to have a hard time keeping track of all my appointments and meetings, but since I started syncing everything with Google Calendar, it's been so much easier to stay organized. I barely have to open my booking app on Shopify

Here are 4 big wins with Google Calendar that help you manage bookings

Sync to your calendar when you're available

With Google Calendar, you can see all of your appointments in one place, making it easier to stay organized and avoid double-booking or missing appointments. As new bookings come in, Google notifies you and you can open up the details about the customer, type of booking, contact information, and more.

Keep you and your team informed without opening the app

Use Google's powerful team sharing permissions to ensure you and your team have access to new bookings right in their Google Calendar. You can set reminders for your appointments and share your calendar with others, which is especially helpful if you're working on a team or need to coordinate your schedule with someone else.

Bookings at a glance

As long as you have an internet connection, you can view your appointments from your phone, tablet, or computer. This is convenient if you're on the go or need to quickly check your schedule while you're out and about.

Busy? In a few clicks, block out your time.

Have a dentist appointment coming up, meeting family, or a last minute emergency? Block out your Google calendar to avoid bookings when you're unavailable. The best bookings apps take this detail back to the customer storefront, to ensure you're unavailable at those times.

Don't waste any more time juggling multiple schedules or missing appointments. Try syncing your bookings with Google Calendar today and experience the ease and convenience of having everything in one place. It's all available through Easy Appointment Booking

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