From passion to business: how Janice could stay focused on her craft

Pottery is passion for Janice, and in 2021 she transitioned it to a business of her own - Ceramic Studio. She started to take appointments from word of mouth at the community centre in Lincoln, Nebraska. After her first $1000 in bookings, she was looking to scale but noticed she spent too much time managing appointments and taking payments. To free up her time, she delegating her scheduling to Easy Appointment Booking so Janice could focus on her customers and her craft.

Janice used three key features with Easy Appointment Booking that made managing appointments and sales much easier for Ceramic Studio. Firstly, customers were able to reschedule their own appointments, which  saved her a significant amount of time. This means that she no longer has to spend their time answering phone calls and scheduling appointments, she can focus on creating beautiful pottery and growing her business. Secondly, the system easily syncs with Google Calendar, making it easy to export appointments to the studio's calendar and stay on top of schedule. This has helped Janice and her studio save time and stay organized.

Easy Appointment Booking has been a game-changer for our business. The ability for customers to reschedule on their own, sync with Google Calendar and see booking history, made managing appointments and sales much easier.

Connecting the dots to earn more revenue.

An underrated feature that Janice used was the booking history feature. She used this information and connected the order information for that customer - this told her how likely customers are to purchase pottery supplies after a booking. This helped Janice increase their revenue by identifying which customers are more likely to make a purchase and targeting them with special promotions, a bump of 20% in December vs the year before.

Expanding on her terms

When Janice was scaling, she knew she wanted to grow but delayed that until she was ready. She delegated the booking headache to the app, organically grew the business using her Shopify order details, and 6 months later she is ready to hire her first employee. Luckily, Easy Appointment Booking features help with a team member Google Calendar sync and a standalone booking portal for each team member.

Janice has been a champion of adopting a booking system to scale. I'm sure she will inspire many with her story. Glad to be part of the journey with her. Create your booking journey with Easy Appointment Booking!