Communicate with your Customers using Klaviyo and Easy Appointment Booking

Providing a seamless experience for your customers is essential for the success of any Shopify store. With our new Klaviyo Add-On, managing your appointments and enhancing customer engagement has never been easier. Easy Appointment Booking can now connect with Klaviyo to allow you to automate your marketing efforts and keep your email lists accurate, driving more sales and building stronger customer relationships.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a leading email marketing platform designed to help e-commerce businesses create highly personalized and effective marketing campaigns. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Klaviyo enables you to segment your audience, design engaging emails, and track performance metrics. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Klaviyo provides the tools you need to optimize your marketing strategy and grow your revenue. Learn more at

Easy Appointment Booking and Klaviyo

By integrating Easy Appointment Booking with Klaviyo, you unlock a new level of automation and personalization for your Shopify store. Here are the key features and benefits of this integration:

1. Automated Customer Flows

The integration allows you to create Klaviyo flows triggered by various appointment-related events:

• Booking Placed: Send a confirmation or thank you email when a customer makes a booking.
• Booking Rescheduled: Notify customers about their rescheduled appointments and offer additional information.
• Booking Cancelled: Notify your team when cancellations occur, and send follow-up emails to customers who cancel
• 24-Hours Before a Booking: Remind customers of their upcoming appointments and provide any necessary details.
• Booking Occurs: Send a follow-up email immediately after an appointment, requesting feedback or promoting related products.
• 24-Hours After a Booking: Reach out to customers a day after their appointment with a thank you email, special offers, or additional resources.

These automated flows ensure timely communication with your customers, enhancing their experience and reducing no-shows or cancellations. Here's an example below

2. Accurate Customer Profiles

Easy Appointment Booking automatically creates or updates customer profiles in Klaviyo, ensuring your email lists are always accurate and up-to-date. This feature helps you maintain a clean and organized database, which is crucial for effective email marketing.

3. Advanced Segmentation

With accurate and up-to-date customer profiles, you can leverage Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation capabilities. Segment your customers based on their booking behavior, such as:

• Customers who have booked in the past week
• Customers who frequently reschedule appointments
• Customers who have canceled appointments multiple times
• Customers who have upcoming bookings

By creating targeted segments, you can send highly personalized emails that resonate with your audience. For example, you can send a discount code to customers who booked in the past week or upsell additional products to those who have upcoming appointments.

How to Get Started

Integrating Easy Appointment Booking with Klaviyo is straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps:

1. Connect Your Accounts: In your Easy Appointment Booking app, navigate to the integrations section and connect your Klaviyo account.
2. Configure Your Flows: Set up the desired Klaviyo flows based on the triggers provided by Easy Appointment Booking.
3. Segment Your Audience: Use the updated customer profiles to create targeted segments in Klaviyo.
4. Design Your Emails: Craft engaging email templates tailored to each segment, using Klaviyo’s intuitive email builder.
5. Monitor Performance: Track the performance of your email campaigns and flows in Klaviyo, adjusting your strategy as needed to optimize results.

Read a step-by-step tutorial
Watch the setup video


The integration of Easy Appointment Booking with Klaviyo offers a powerful solution for Shopify store owners looking to enhance their customer engagement and streamline their marketing efforts. By automating appointment-related communications and maintaining accurate customer profiles, you can provide a better experience for your customers and drive more sales. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your Shopify store to the next level. Connect Easy Appointment Booking with Klaviyo today and start reaping the benefits of this seamless integration.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance with setting up the integration here. Happy booking!