Enhancing Customer Experience: Search, Scheduling, and Cancellations on this Shopify Booking App

Shopify Appointment Booking: New Customer Experience enhancements

May & June highlighted key customer experience improvements: search, scheduling, and cancellations. Driven from Shopify merchants directly, these features save time, keep teams aligned, and make scheduling more efficient. Let's take a look with testimonials directly from our own Shopify merchants.

Enhanced Customer Search Functionality

Finding customer details quickly and accurately is crucial for any business. Easy Appointment Booking syncs with your Shopify Customers and can pull in your customer details when adding a booking. Our updated search functionality now allows you to search for customers by name as well as email. This feature supports partial searches, making it easier to find the right customer even if you don’t have their full details.

Customer Testimonial:"The new search feature is a game-changer! I used to spend so much time trying to find customer information, especially if I didn't know their email. Now, with the ability to search by partial names or emails, it’s so much faster. It’s made managing appointments a breeze." – Sarah M., Salon Owner

Cancellation Reason Feature

We understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable. Merchants who have enabled customers to reschedule and cancel on their own save coordination time based on the cut-off times and preferences. However, when the appointment on Shopify gets cancelled, there was no visibility into why that customer cancelled. Additionally, the notification was limited and didn't let the employee team know so they can fill in the new slot. To improve communication and transparency, we have introduced a feature that allows customers to enter a reason for cancellation when they need to cancel an appointment. This information is immediately relayed to the business owner and relevant team members through automatic notifications. This feature helps businesses understand the reasons behind cancellations and take proactive steps to address any issues.

Customer Testimonial:"Being able to provide a reason for cancellation is very helpful. Now if a customer decides to cancel, It gives me peace of mind that my team is aware. It also let's our customers know that their feedback is being heard, and it helps us improve our service." – John D., Detailing Company Owner

Streamlined One-off Event Scheduling

Scheduling one-off events should be straightforward and hassle-free. With multiple iterations over time, the feature grouped together single day times (for single day courses and classes) with stretches of time (for pop up events or taking time off for holidays), causing confusion among users of this booking app for Shopify. We've heard this feedback and made a change to streamline things with clear separation. With our new feature, adding a single-day calendar date for one-off events has become easier than ever. The updated tab-bar allows you to select a stretch of days effortlessly, ensuring you can manage both single-day and multi-day events with equal ease.

Customer Testimonial:"The new single-day scheduling feature is fantastic! It was a bit cumbersome to add one-off events, but now it’s so simple. The tab-bar is intuitive and makes planning multi-day events just as easy. And whenever we're away for holidays or in off-peak season, the multi-day stretch is now three clicks vs dozens. This scheduling app continues to save time for me as a Shopify business owner!" – Emily R., Event Coordinator

Closing the loop: Your feedback resulting in new features

All the features listed here came from our internal feature request system. They are upvoted by all Shopify merchants with the app, which allows our team to continuously improve and create the best-in-class Shopify appointment booking app. This system constantly takes feedback from merchants right from our app and our team regularly reviews the results. Other merchants can review what has been requested and up-vote it to give more visibility. You can take a look at here at our feature request system

Let's take a closer look at each of the feature offerings

1. Improved Search Functionality

Our new search function enhancement ensures that you can quickly locate customer information using either their name or email address. This partial search capability means that even if you only have a fragment of information, you can still efficiently find the customer you’re looking for. This feature significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and enhances overall productivity. See here for more details: https://easy-appointment-booking.canny.io/changelog/multiple-improvements-and-bug-fixes-1

2. Reason for Cancellation

Letting a customer reschedule or cancel is a critical benefit for merchants, saving them time and leaving the decision-making to the customer. Customers love this too, it allows them to change the appointment (within the merchant preference such as a 24h cutoff). Doing so brings flexibility that more and more customers demand today. See for the feature details: https://intercom.help/easy-appointment-booking/en/articles/6403232-let-customers-reschedule-and-cancel-appointments

We’ve added a feature where customers can provide a reason for canceling their appointments. This is more than just a courtesy – it’s a valuable source of feedback for your business. By understanding why appointments are canceled, you can identify patterns, address common issues, and improve your service. Automated notifications ensure that the relevant team members are instantly informed, facilitating better communication and quicker responses to potential problems. You can set your general notification preferences in Settings > Email & SMS > Notifications. See here for the feature details: https://easy-appointment-booking.canny.io/changelog/cancellation-emails-now-contain-reasons-for-cancellation

3. Simplified One-off Event Scheduling

Planning and scheduling events have never been more efficient. Our new feature simplifies the process of adding single-day events to your calendar. Example A) You have a one-time class you'd like to offer next week: the intuitive tab-bar allows you to select single day vs. multi day, and when selecting single day you click the date, time, and save. That's it! Example B) you have a pop up series for an event from September 1 - 15: the tab-bar let's you select multi-day, and you can click on the first day and drag it right to the 15th. From 45 clicks to 3 -- it's that simple! This feature makes it ideal for planning events that span several days, and particularly beneficial for businesses that regularly host events, workshops, or special promotions.

The Metrics: Seeing efficiency with this Shopify appointment app for your business

Implementing these new features on this Shopify Appointment App can have a profound impact on your business operations:

  • Efficiency: Save time with faster customer searches and streamlined event scheduling. Sarah M. saved 20 minutes per day in time spent on adding new bookings
  • Communication: Improve customer relations by understanding the reasons behind cancellations and addressing them promptly. John D. realized from cancellation reasons that most were cancelling their detail appointments on Wednesday, the same day the detail shop a few blocks away ran their promotions. This allowed John to promote a new incentive that resulted in less cancellations over time.
  • Flexibility: Easily manage both single-day and multi-day events, ensuring your calendar is always up to date and accurate. For Emily R., a two-week stretch of time off reduces clicks by 95% (45 clicks to 3!)
  • Customer Satisfaction: Enhanced features lead to a smoother experience for your customers. John D. used the cancellation feature to understand his customers, and used Easy Appointment Bookings Klaviyo integration to run a campaign to them to return.

We are dedicated to enhancing your experience with continuous improvements and innovative features on Easy Appointment Booking. Our latest updates are designed to make your interactions more efficient, transparent, and satisfying. By listening to your feedback and understanding your needs, we aim to provide a service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these new features and how they’re making a difference in your daily operations. You'll see the next update on our Blog. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve and enhance our offerings!