Unlock More Customers with Waitlists

Shopify merchants is use Easy Appointment Booking for more than just scheduling, it's a comprehensive solution for managing bookings efficiently. We introduced a new revenue-generating feature called Waitlist s. Imagine a scenario where your services are in high demand – a good problem to have, but also a challenge. You don’t want to lose potential customers just because your slots are full. This is where the Waitlist feature shines.

How Waitlists work with your Shopify schedule

Nordic Bliss, born from the vision of Klara Johansson, aimed to bring authentic Scandinavian sauna experiences to a wider audience. While the concept quickly gained popularity, the challenge of managing the overwhelming demand for appointments became apparent in late 2023. As a sought-after wellness destination, Nordic Bliss often found itself grappling with a fully booked calendar. As a customer of Easy Appointment Booking for two years, she used the most useful features like Google Calendar and the Team Portal to delegate bookings to her staff.

However, this success brought its own set of challenges - mainly, the inability to accommodate every interested customer. She told us about the need to capture these customers and we decided to find a way to support. When a desired time slot is already booked, customers needed to have an option to join a waitlist. If an appointment cancels or a new slot opens up, those on the waitlist are automatically notified, giving them the chance to book. This not only enhances the customer experience but also ensures you capture every potential sales opportunity.

A fast turnaround with seamless integration

The Easy Appointment Team built this in 6 days, giving Klara a fast way to pilot this new feature. This function allowed customers to be added to a waitlist for their desired time slots. It was an innovative solution to ensure that every interested customer could potentially secure an appointment. There was no additional coding or technical setup necessary, it was simply added on to Klara's account. Integrating the Easy Appointment Booking app with her Shopify store was a breeze. It was a one-click install, 5-click event setup, and the bookings connect to her Shopify Orders and Customers. It's designed to complement the existing setup, adding functionality without disrupting existing workflows.

Shopify bookings for Nordic Bliss: A Testimonial

To illustrate the effectiveness of this feature, let's hear from Klara at 'Nordic Bliss', about the impact on her Scandinavian Experience:

"As a sought-after experience in Northern Europe, we often found ourselves fully booked, especially during the winter months. While it was great to be popular, we hated turning away potential customers. That's when we discovered Easy Appointment Booking and its Waitlist feature. It was a game-changer for us. Not only were we able to keep our booking schedule full, but we also engaged customers who would have otherwise gone elsewhere. Our revenue has increased, and we saw a 16% increase in new customers. This tool helped us turn a logistical challenge into a business opportunity." – Klara Johansson, Founder, Nordic Bliss.

Capturing sales from waitlisted Shopify bookings

For Nordic Bliss, the introduction of a waitlist meant capturing every possible sales opportunity. Whenever a slot opened up, waitlisted customers were notified, significantly increasing the chances of filling up every available appointment. With a 16% increase in new customers, this led to an 8% increase in Nordic Bliss's top-line revenue in just two months. More importantly, it dramatically enhanced customer satisfaction, knowing there was a way to be in the loop if a new timeslot opened up. The frustration of finding no available slots turned into hope and anticipation for a future appointment.

Why It's a Win-Win

  1. Maximize Revenue Potential: Every slot counts. The Waitlist feature helps ensure that any new openings are quickly filled on your event calendar by nudging waitlist users, maximizing your revenue opportunities.
  2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customers appreciate the convenience and thoughtfulness of a waitlist system. It shows that you value their interest and time and keeps them engaged once notified of an opening of your schedule on Shopify.
  3. Synced to Shopify Customers: Each new waitlist user is automatically added as a Shopify Customer. So your customers grow without even making a sale, but are retained for a future sale with your business.
  4. Increased Customer Retention: By offering a waitlist option, you’re likely to retain customers who would have otherwise sought services elsewhere.

The future of selling on Shopify and Appointment Bookings

Staying Ahead in a Competitive Market

For any Shopify merchant, staying competitive means adopting tools that not only solve immediate problems but also pave the way for future growth. Easy Appointment Booking is one such tool that promises to be a vital ally in the evolving landscape of e-commerce into services. For Klara, she sells sauna experiences with soaps, candles, and fragrances. The same can be said for multiple brands in beauty, petcare, sports, and craft workshops that Easy Appointments work with today. Craft-business-owner Janice saw a 30% increase in revenue with our solution.

Embracing Technology for Growth, with no-code

The story of Nordic Bliss is an inspiring example of how embracing technology can lead to substantial business growth and improved customer experiences. Shopify let her grow without touching a line of code, and so did her appointment solution with Easy Appointment Booking. As an app on the Shopify App Store, Easy Appointment Booking let her get started with no complex setup. Just a few clicks and she was able to accept bookings right away.

Selling time while saving time

Nordic Bliss has 10 staff members who have already used the time-saving benefits of the team portal, so her staff can manage appointments on their own without needing Klara in the loop. It's another no-code setup and her staff can set up their login credentials, so that they see customer bookings, can manage their schedule, and check in customers easily.

A focus on revenue-generating Shopify scheduling tools

This recent story of Nordic Bliss shows how bookings can be time-savers and revenue-generators with the right booking platform. Easy Appointment Booking has a recent focus on earning more revenue for customers, even if they are trying it out for the first time with a pop-up event, something a Chef sold 100K of bookings for in Singapore. With waitlists, automatic emails, a prominent preview homepage button, and funnel metrics, Easy Appointment Booking makes it easier to get paid for tomorrow's services today.

In Conclusion

For Shopify merchants, Easy Appointment Booking is more than just an appointment scheduling tool – it's a comprehensive solution to engage customers, grow revenue, and save time. The Waitlist feature is a simple yet powerful tool to turn every potential customer into a loyal one. As the e-commerce world continues to evolve, tools like Easy Appointment Booking will become increasingly beneficial to add to your customer experience, revenue streams, and positive impact on your growing brand. They are not just tools but partners in your business growth.

Discover the potential of Easy Appointment Booking for your Shopify store and join the ranks of successful businesses like Nordic Bliss. We look forward to your business thriving with Waitlists! Make it part of your Shopify schedule of events today.